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Dietary – Food Service Aide *High School Students*

PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION The purpose of the Food Service Aide is to work in the cafeteria at the deli/grill and...

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Findlay, Ohio

Hancock County


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Job Description


The purpose of the Food Service Aide is to work in the cafeteria at the deli/grill and register. The position is responsible for making sandwiches, running the register and following food safety guidelines.


Duty 1: Food Assembly- Cooks & assembles food items accurately according to Sodexo Guidelines and Standards. Measures and follows directions accurately.

Duty 2: Food Service – Runs registers, stock & cleans according to Sodexo standards. Provides excellent customer service.

Duty 3: Sanitation and Cleaning- Cleans and sanitizes workstation in accordance to Sodexo, BVHS and all other regulatory agencies.

Duty 4: Record Keeping- Maintains accurate record keeping in specific areas (cafeteria and Healing Grounds) for food temperatures logs, equipment, cash worksheets, cash drawers and production logs per established guidelines. May be responsible for handling cash, counting cash drawers, reconciling cash at end of shift.

Duty 5: Productivity- Promptly initiates assignments and proceeds in an efficient and timely manner. Meets established deadlines and the needs of the organization.

Duty 6: Safety Focus- Attends monthly safety in-services and practices safety in the daily performance of tasks. Reads and signs monthly safety topics.

Duty 7: Meeting Attendance- attends meetings on a monthly basis. Completes documentation related to in-services, mandatories, and competencies without prompting.

Duty 8: Communication- Keeps coworkers abreast of job function changes; maintains accurate job function with the guidance of the management team.

Duty 9: Cashier Accuracy – Reconciliation of drawer and deposit within the 5% accuracy standard as established by Sodexo/Department Cashier Guidelines.

Duty 10: Takes action and assists with problem resolution as problems arise. Promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and provides feedback to management team.

Job Requirements


* 16-17 Years of age
* Valid work permit prior to beginning employment
* Ability to work flexible schedule for weekdays, weekends, and holidays – primary hours are 4PM-8PM
* Adheres to the policies, standards, and guidelines set forth by Joint Commission, State of Ohio, Sodexo and BVHS
* Ability to work well within a team environment; by accepting and offering honest constructive feedback; by supporting team goals and encouraging other team members.
* Show flexibility and adaptability in meeting constraints and demands placed on services
* Positive service-oriented interpersonal and communication skills required.
* This position is classified “at risk” for possible occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens (HBV, HIV, etc.)

* Experience in customer service and/or food service

This position requires a full range of body motion with intermittent activities in walking, lifting, bending, squatting and twisting. The associate will be required to stand for eight hours a day. The individual must be able to lift twenty to fifty pounds and reach work above the shoulders. The associate must have eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity. The individual must have corrected vision and hearing in the normal range. The position requires excellent verbal, writing and reading skills to perform daily tasks.

This position is classified at risk for possible occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens (HBV, HIV, etc.)

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