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Director of Technology

The Lakota Local School District not only uses technology to foster and facilitate educational growth, but also to solve problems...

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Kansas, Ohio

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Job Description

The Lakota Local School District not only uses technology to foster and facilitate educational growth, but also to solve problems as it pertains to daily operation. You are applying for a position in which you will be entitled to work in a state-of-the-art facility within a district that is dedicated to technology innovation. Lakota Local Schools is a district with Chromebooks, Windows, and Apple Devices. We are a 1:1 district in grades PreK-12, where every child is provided a school owned device to aid in their development. The district is committed to maintaining a competitive “leading edge” status and is seeking to fill this role to not only better support the students, staff, and stakeholders, but to also accelerate educational technology integration strategies among staff.

▪ Support the implementation the district’s technology plan by developing strategies to enhance staff and student use of technology resources and promoting close working relationships with all stakeholders.
▪ Develop and enforce proper IT policies, standards, and security procedures.
▪ Provide ongoing upkeep on technology media/equipment and maintains work order system/helpdesk. Addresses and troubleshoots problems with equipment, software, etc.
▪ Work with the Curriculum Director to administer state and national-level assessment platforms (i-Ready, OST, TIDE, SAT, ACT, KRA, etc.)
▪ Maintain the district’s WAN infrastructure (including routers, switches, and firewall), LAN infrastructures, voice communication systems, video networks, Internet access to include Internet filtering, anti-virus protection, and e-mail system.
▪ Ensure the continuous operation of wireless networking controllers, access points, and other relevant infrastructure.
▪ Administrate various mobile device management and cloud-hosted administration systems, including but not limited to, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Google Workspace.
▪ Maintain various server-related activities including but not limited to, Active Directory, GPO, virtual machines, RADIUS authentication, DNS, and DHCP.
▪ Supervise district printing activities, providing proper support and reporting when required.
▪ Manage district web and social media operations, including but not limited to digital brand management, archiving, and compliance.
▪ Support usage of the district’s communication system.
▪ Administrate the district’s internal signage network.
▪ Oversee and maintain State and Federal Technology Funding (E-Rate, Ohio K12 Network, etc.)
▪ Provide support for EMIS, StudentInformation (DASL) and GradeBook systems.
▪ Assist with hardware and software installation activities and accurately document date of installation, location, upgrades, etc.
▪ Work with administrators/supervisors to schedule repairs with outside vendors as needed.
▪ Maintain district user access and security provisions for data management systems used by teachers and administrators.
▪ Work with Maintenance Supervisor and School Resource Office with the technology involved to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff, including but not limited to, fire alarm, video security, 911, PA systems, and door security.
▪ Collaborate with local government officials and safety personnel, as applicable.
▪ Maintain relationships with local, state and national vendors as necessary to support the district in technology purchasing.
▪ Assisting and/or initiate technology grant procurement and development.
▪ Place technology order(s) as necessary; including creating requisitions, securing purchase orders, and submitting items for BOE agendas as needed, receipt and verification of items received.
▪ Maintain accurate inventories and records of all district-wide technology hardware, software, and supplies, including financial and staff/student forms/records.
▪ Renew all technology non-curricular software licenses and service contracts.
▪ Serve as representative to the district’s information technology center, NOECA.
▪ Serve as chair of the District Technology Committee.
▪ Direct, supervise, work alongside, and evaluate technology/information/media supportstaff.
▪ Implement training and staff development in the use of technology for classroom use.
▪ Plan and promote technology workshops.
▪ Mentor teachers in current and upcoming educational technology trends.
▪ Assist with building administrators in the design and delivery of activities related to the integration of technology across the curriculum to improve teaching and learning.
▪ Keep current with advances in technology associated with work assignments.
▪ Regularly attend job-specific meetings and professional development.
▪ Perform such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent.

SUPERVISES: Assistant Technology Director, Media Center Support Staff

JOB GOAL: The Director of Technology shall ensure an effective and efficient operation of the Technology Department by planning, implementing, and supporting the use of technology in our school district, especially as it relates to student performance, curricular technology integration and overall systemic/network support.

Job Requirements

QUALIFICATIONS: Two-year or four-year computer/technology related degree with formal course work and/or applicable computer/network hardware and software required and A+ certified or willingness to obtain.

EXPERIENCE: Practical field experience preferred with computer software/hardware installation, networking, server management, mobile device management, system servicing, programming, and management skills

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