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Donation Station Attendant

JOB TITLE: Donation Station Attendant FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt MISSION OF GOODWILL Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501c3 corporation whose mission is...

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Bowling Green, Ohio

Wood County


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Job Description

JOB TITLE: Donation Station Attendant



Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501c3 corporation whose mission is to assist individuals with barriers to employment become self-sufficient through employment training and opportunities. Since 1933 our organization has assisted thousands of individuals throughout Northwest Ohio to become economically independent.


Perform minor janitorial and/or maintenance duties within the store and those related to its operations. 


  • Sweep store floor and dust displays.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpeting.
  • Wash windows periodically..
  • Assist in emptying racks, delivery trucks, hanger baskets, bale containers, etc.
  • Keep garbage emptied.
  • Assist donors/customers with large or small donations.
  • Clean store restrooms and sweep store parking lot as needed.
  • Assist with store lockup at day’s end.
  • Load and unload trailers/trucks.
  • Follow policies and procedures of the Retail operation.
  • Follow supervisor’s directives explicitly.
  • Advise your supervisorof operational problems, maintenance requirements and general store operations.
  • Report to work on time for your scheduled shift.  Lunches and breaks will be taken in strict accordance with company policy.  Two weeks’ notice must be given to management when requesting time off.  If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, you are responsible to find a replacement.
  • Use proper telephone etiquette when answering the telephone.  No personal business will be conducted on the phone at any time.
  • Know your store’s daily donor count and maintain accurate customer logs.
  • Obey all OSHA regulations and safety requirements.  Promote good safety work habits.  Report any safety violations or safety related problems to the store manager.  Use proper lifting techniques as well as other approved safety techniques to avoid personal injuries.  Must be familiar with the proper use of the SDS book as well as the first aid kit.
  • Maintain work area by keeping it clean and free of debris at all times.  Work areas must be maintained according to the posted schematics. “Stashes” of merchandise are expressly prohibited.  Employees are not allowed to shop in a store they work in.  They may however, shop at any other store location at any other time.  Shopping and/or making a purchase is ONLY permitted on the sales floor and is strictly prohibited in the production room.
  • Report any unauthorized shopping, purchasing or “stashing” of merchandise or requests of the aforementioned immediately to your supervisor.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.




  • Responsible for safety of those assigned to work area.
  • Provide a positive role model.
  • Cooperate with other departments/stores.
  • Understand and implement Agency mission.
  • Assure compliance with Agency policies.
  • Comply with and monitor safety programs.
  • Promote a spirit of teamwork.
  • Effectively and productively manage time.
  • Maintain an acceptable quantity and quality of work.
  • Attend meetings and training programs as directed.
  • Must check condition of trailer/center and containers each morning and inform your supervisor of the status.
  • Greet and assist every donor.  Must act as a responsible worker for the Agency by providing a high level of customer service to all donors.  This includes an appropriate and friendly greeting, assisting each donor at their vehicle and providing the donor with a completed tax receipt.  At the end of each transaction, the donor must be thanked for giving to Goodwill.
  • Receive donations and sort properly in the trailer/center using the appropriate containers.
  • Maintain the trailer/center and surrounding area.  Must be completely free of clutter and debris.  In those instances when the trailer/center is completely full donations are to be well organized and neat.  Attendants must constantly be aware of the site’s appearance and do housekeeping, as necessary, to keep the site neat and attractive.
  • Call your supervisor when the trailer/center is too full to hold further donations.
  • Remove ice and snow near the steps or entryway during the winter months.  Spread salt around the steps and sides of the trailer.
  • Immediately report any vandalism, theft problems or maintenance requirements your supervisor.  With safety in mind, protect the assets of the Agency against all vandals and bandits.  All reasonable attempts must be made to stop people who are attempting to deface the trailers or steal donations.  Call police and immediately file a report.
  • Attendants must adhere to the proper dress code.  Jeans, tennis shoes, approved Goodwill shirts and nametags are acceptable.
  • Time must be used efficiently.  Attendants will be working at all times while on the clock.  All donations must be properly containerized within the trailer/center.  Donations cannot be stored outside or under the trailer/center.
  • Assist drivers with trailer switches.  Help them load their trucks.
  • Perform any and all duties deemed necessary by the Agency.




  • Must work flexible hours and weekends.  Travel for meetings and training as required.
  • Must be willing to float between multiple donation station centers as business necessitates.



Any combination of training, education and work experience that indicates possession of the skills, knowledge and abilities required to adequately perform the job duties.



Job Requirements



  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to work independently.
  • Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds.
  • Janitorial experience and/or training preferred.
  • Must be able to stand for up to 8 hours, lift, carry up to 50 pounds on a continual basis.
  • Capable of climbing stairs while carrying heavy loads.
  • Work environment includes working in all weather conditions.
  • Must be able to travel to any location by means of a car or some other form of public transportation




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