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Dyslexia/Reading Intervention Specialist K-6

FOSTORIA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT JOB DESCRIPTION     Title:  DYSLEXIA/READING INTERVENTION SPECIALIST K-6     Reports to:  Director of Curriculum and Instruction and/or Principal   Job Objectives:  The K-6 Dyslexia/Reading Specialist will...

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Fostoria, Ohio

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Job Description








Reports to:  Director of Curriculum and Instruction and/or Principal


Job Objectives:  The K-6 Dyslexia/Reading Specialist will work with administrators, teachers, and support staff to plan and implement quality multisensory reading instruction as well as dyslexia interventions for students in need of support as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education.


Responsibilities  The following duties are representative of performance expectations.  A reasonable

and Essential  accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to

Functions:  perform essential functions.


The Dyslexia/Reading Specialist’s primary role is:

  • Screen and monitor students to determine reading strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan and implement dyslexia-specific interventions
  • Monitor student progress
  • Provide reading and language arts staff development
  • Design dyslexia-specific programming for parent involvement and family literacy
  • Work collaboratively with Classroom Teachers, Intervention Specialists, Title I teachers, and the Intervention Assistance on implementing dyslexia-specific intervention programs for struggling students
  • modeling lessons in classrooms, providing small group/individual intervention, creating system-wide policies and procedures, leading family dyslexia/literacy workshops, and facilitating professional development.
  • Maintain accurate records and submits reports on time.
  • Respects personal privacy.  Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
  • Reports evidence of suspected child abuse as required by law.
  • Participates in student assistance team meetings.  Works with the team to reach a consensus on a plan to address student concerns.
  • Takes precautions to ensure student safety.  Does not leave students unsupervised.

DYSLEXIA/READING INTERVENTION SPECIALIST K-6    Page 2 of 2                            

  • Supervises non-classroom activities when assigned
  • Participates in after-school programs (e.g., open houses, etc.) as directed.
  • Participates in professional growth opportunities to remain current with Dyslexia specific Literacy best practices.
  • Accepts responsibility for personal decisions and conduct.  Strives to develop rapport and serve as a positive role model for others.
  • Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.

Abilities  The following aptitudes and physical skills are essential for the successful

Required:  performance of assigned duties.

 · Demonstrates professionalism and maintains a positive work attitude.

 · Acts in accordance with the professional code of ethics.

 · Skillfully manages individual, group, and organizational interactions.

 · Communicates effectively using verbal, nonverbal, and writing skills.

 · Organizes tasks and manages time effectively.

 · Averts problem situations and intervenes to resolve conflicts.

 · Lifts carries, and/or moves guidance supplies and equipment.

 · Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual.

 · Travels to meetings and work assignments.


Working  Exposure to the following situations may range from remote to frequent based on

Conditions:  circumstances and factors that may not be predictable.


 · Potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases.

 · Potential for interaction with disruptive and/or unruly individuals.

 · Exposure to adverse weather conditions and seasonal temperature extremes.

 · Duties may require operating and/or riding in a vehicle.

 · Duties may require prolonged use of a computer.

 · Duties may require detailed paperwork.

 · Duties may require working under time constraints to meet deadlines.

 · Duties may require working during the evening and/or weekend.


Performance  Job performance is evaluated according to the policy provisions adopted by the

Evaluation:  Fostoria City School District Board of Education.


The Fostoria City School District Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to military status, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.  This job description summary does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  This job description is subject to change in response to funding variables, emerging technologies, improved operating procedures, productivity factors, and unforeseen events.


Submit documents listed below to:  Tera Matz, Director of Curriculum & Instruction 

  1. Letter of Interest   Fostoria City Schools
  2. FCS Application   1001 Park Ave.
  3. Certificate/License   Fostoria, OH 44830 
  4. Original Transcripts   Email: [email protected]
  5. Resume
  6. Copy of BCI/FBI Checks



Please visit: Certified Application to submit with application packet.

Job Requirements


  • Master’s Degree in Reading (preferred)
  • Reading Endorsement (required) 
  • At least 5 years of teaching experience in the area of reading
  • Experience in working with students with reading difficulties (preferred)
  • Training in district language arts and reading initiatives (preferred)
  • Experience working with adult learners and delivering professional development  
  • Strong record of helping students achieve academic success, primarily with minority and low-income students 
  • Excellence in time management, taking initiative, and follow-through.
  • Experience in analyzing data and using results to modify instructional practices
  • Multi-faceted, multi-skilled, resourceful, and willing to do whatever it takes to help our students reach a level of academic excellence  

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