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Education Director

The Montessori School of Bowling Green is a non-profit 501c3 private school serving toddlers through middle school. We are seeking a...

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Bowling Green, Ohio

Wood County


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Job Description

The Montessori School of Bowling Green is a non-profit 501c3 private school serving toddlers through middle school. We are seeking a dynamic administrator to fill the role of full-time Education Director.

Mission:  The Montessori School of Bowling Green is a nurturing community that educates the whole child in a Montessori environment, where children develop mutual respect, personal responsibility, and a passion for learning.

Responsible To:  Executive Director

Supervises:  Teachers/Child Care Workers and Student Services

Position Summary:

The education director oversees all instructional aspects of the school and should be comfortable stepping into a teaching or support role at any time.  The director must stay in touch with what is happening in the classroom and supporting programs. The director is responsible for ensuring the professional development and growth of the faculty.  In addition, the director must work to ensure motivation and that the faculty stays on course with the school’s mission.  The director additionally ensures the integrity of the Montessori philosophy in the classroom as well as extended programs.  The director is communicative with parents and guardians with regard to their child’s progress.


  • Develop annual professional development plan for faculty/staff in collaboration with the Executive Director
  • Assist/Guide teaching staff in developing and achieving annual professional and personal goals – maintain needed documentation regarding progress
  • Orient and train new teaching and support staff (special area teachers, child care workers, etc.) in conjunction with the Education Consultant
  • Evaluate assigned staff, provide supporting documentation from formal and informal observations and conduct evaluation conferences in collaboration with the Executive Director as needed
  • Educate all school staff on Montessori philosophy to insure appropriate implementation
  • Maintain knowledge of American Montessori Society rules and regulations and maintain ongoing reference materials for staff
  • Keep staff current on professional development opportunities and training requirements
  • Develop and keep personnel position descriptions current for teachers and support staff in collaboration with the Executive Director


  • Ensure frequent communication with staff for scheduling, instruction and philosophy
  • Conduct staff meetings as needed
  • Substitute for and provide support to assigned staff as needed day to day
  • Assist in maintaining the strategic plan for the school
  • Assist in maintaining school policy
  • Assist in developing and maintaining parent handbook
  • Assist with interviewing and hiring employees
  • In conjunction with the Executive Director, oversee the daily operations of the school
  • Provide crisis management as warranted


  • Assist with supporting and encouraging enrollment of new families in collaboration with the Advancement Director
  • Meet with current and prospective families to encourage retention and for problem-solving
  • Create/Maintain a parent development plan with collaboration from the Education Consultant
  • Provide ongoing parent education programs/events with collaboration from the Education Consultant
  • Attend Parent/Teacher meetings as needed
  • Provide administrative and reporting support to the volunteer parent organization


  • Maintain knowledge of American Montessori Society curriculum & materials to align with core standards for optimal instruction
  • Place newly enrolled students in appropriate classrooms and make decisions regarding shifting of students as needed
  • Ensure compliance with AMS accreditation standards and provide integral support in the accreditation process
  • Ensure core content standards are up to date and utilized by all teaching staff as approved by the Ohio Department of Education
  • Ensure consistency across levels from Toddler through 9th grade
  • In collaboration with faculty, oversee the planning of educational field trips to support the curriculum within budgetary constraints
  • Continuously obtain and analyze objective evidence on student achievement and growth
  • Guide and maintain all programming relating to student services, extended programs and extra-curriculars
  • Maintain the implementation of the Ohio Department of Education licensing regulations


  • Organize and secure guest speakers and philosophy experts in conjunction with the professional development plan
  • Organize and conduct Montessori events such as Montessori Education week, curriculum night, etc.
  • Speak to community organizations regarding Montessori School of Bowling Green and Montessori philosophy when appropriate
  • Act as liaison between MSBG and the greater Montessori community, local to international
  • Act as host to visiting/observing university or professionals in training to educate on Montessori philosophy


  • Maintain constant professionalism in manner, speech and attire to appropriately and professionally represent the Montessori School of Bowling Green
  • Maintain consistent attendance and punctuality
  • Maintain confidentiality of school-related issues and decisions
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director
  • Support the school and its leadership

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements:  Individual must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or related field, AMS credentialed – secured or in process, administrative experience preferred.

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