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Executive Director/CEO

Angeline Industries, Inc. (AI) Position Description   Position: Executive Director/CEO Reports to: Angeline Industries Board of Directors (Board) FLSA Status: Exempt   Job Summary: Angeline Industries, Inc. is...

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Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Wyandot County


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Job Description

Angeline Industries, Inc. (AI) Position Description


Position: Executive Director/CEO

Reports to: Angeline Industries Board of Directors (Board)

FLSA Status: Exempt


Job Summary:

Angeline Industries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides quality day and community-based services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With a staff of approximately 12 employees and 40+individuals served, AI, Inc. currently provides 3 primary service delivery options:  Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation/Basic Employment Skills Training, and Non-Medical Transportation.  The agency’s purpose is to equip individuals with disabilities to move beyond traditional facility-based service delivery to more person-centered, community-based services and outcomes. 


Position Summary:

Under broad guidance from the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is directly responsible for

overseeing the administration, programs and strategic planning of Angeline Industries, Inc. in the delivery of quality services to individuals with disabilities and their families. The Executive Director represents the key management leadership role of the organization handling daily operations and is also chartered with responsibilities including development, marketing of the organization’s services, and community

outreach through liaison with government agencies and other service providers in the promotion of

system-wide change in effecting best practices. The Executive Director is responsible for the hiring and

management of a team of employees capable of fulfilling the organization’s mission. This position is

responsible for establishing and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure that Angeline Industries, Inc. operates in accordance with Medicaid and the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD)

funding regulations and contracts, other governmental regulations and Angeline Industries, Inc. policies and procedures.


Job Responsibilities below are subject to change depending on the evolving needs of the organization.


  1. Board Administration and Support
  • Partner with the Board of Directors and its designees in developing strategic, financial, and

business plans, including formulation and implementation of organizational policies and executionof strategic initiatives.

  • Continuously evaluate organizational performance through analyzing and interpretingexternal and internal business trends and community/customer needs, data, and metrics.
  • Make recommendations to the Board for business model changes that will stabilize and grow the

organization, through new or expanding programs/services and community initiatives, while

maintaining compliance as required by DODD, state, and federal law.

  • Monitor and ensure implementation of all supports in accordance with individual service plan

implemented by staff who works with the individual receiving services.

  • Provide appropriate training and technical assistance for all staff who work with the individuals

receiving support.

  • Ensure each level of service is documented with periodic review of outcomes and results.
  • Monitor for unusual incidents and cases of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or misappropriation of

funds involving the individual under the care of the staff who are providing the services; taking

immediate actions to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of individuals receiving the

services, and provide notification of unusual incidents and suspected cases of abuse, neglect,

exploitation, or misappropriation of funds to the Board.

  • Institute and maintain appropriate management, financial, administrative and human resources

controls and records and provide Board with monthly financial statements.

  • Assist the Board in planning to obtain adequate financial support of the organization,

and administer the organization’s programs within the limitations of the budget.

  • Present a clear picture of problems confronting the Board and the agency with options for

resolution of problems, indicating advantages and disadvantages.

  • Support the Board by advising and informing Board members on pertinent matters pertaining

To AI, Inc. and the community served.

  • Assist in the preparation of agenda for meetings, workshops, etc., and attend Board meetings.
  • Work with the Board President to provide orientation and training to Board members to help to

ensure the Board is engaged and supported.


  1. Operations and Program Management
  • Oversee and implement the effective and efficient delivery of client services, taking into

account the resources of the organization and additional resources that may be available

through grants, donations, partnerships with other agencies, etc.

  • Streamline operations and ensure that all team members are looking for ways to grow

the business and to increase efficiency and maximize agency resources.

  • Provide leadership in developing and implementing programs and strategies that help

the agencyachieve its vision and mission and meet the need of clients and community.

  • Develop trust and working relationships with staff, clients, families, customers,

monitoring agencies and others in the agency and disability services community.

  • Model and lead AI, Inc.’s commitment to courteous, professional service tointernal and external customers.
  • Ensure the agency continues to meet all federal, state, and local regulations and requirements in the delivery of services to the individuals served.
  • Monitor and enforce adherence to Medicaid regulations,including training and incident management compliance.
  • Prepare the organization for regular monitoring and auditing by government oversight agencies, funding agencies, and respond to external requests for information and corrective actions.
  • Advance a participatory leadership style that encourages dedication, maximum performance, and retention of talented employees.


  1. Financial and Administrative Risk Management
  • Assure adequate security, control and accounting of funds, including developing and

maintaining sound financial practices with monthly/annual accounting statements and external

financial review.

  • Work with the management team to prepare an annual budget, and ensure that the

organization functions within its financial guidelines, limitations and appropriate risk

management standards and maintains adequate resources for cash flow.

  • Assure maintenance of financial records and documents and compliance with federal, state and

local regulations and reporting requirements, such as annual returns, payroll withholding and

reporting, etc.

  • Ensure the organization meets all funding and record keeping requirements, including federal,

state, grant, or individual donor-restricted funding.

  • Maintain adequate protection of the organization’s assets and physical/electronic information

through security assessments and controls and insurance policies to limit risk.

  • Ensure all business licenses, registrations, certifications and insurance policies remain in good

standing and up-to-date.


  1. Human Resources Management
  • Develop and implement sound and legally compliant personnel policies and practices in

employee recruitment, compensation, performance management and disciplinary

process, hire/termination process, employee relations and employee benefits.

  • Employ personnel and contracted staff necessary to fulfill the business purpose of AI, Inc.
  • Ensure that all employment records are maintained securely and in compliance with regulations

governing such records.

  • Ensure the provision of adequate supervision of personnel and in-service training of staff as

required and needed.

  • Provide leadership and direction to AI, Inc. employees to ensure effective teamwork and consistent implementation and enforcement of AI, Inc. policies and procedures and to ensure consistent compliance with therequirements of Medicaid funding and DODD regulations.
  • Maintain consistent application and compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements

and compliance reporting, including but not limited to IRS, SSA, OOD, DODD, OSHA, CARF, County Board of DD, etc.


  1. Public Relations
  • Establish and maintain liaison with local, state and governmental agencies.
  • Interpret the role of AI, Inc. to other agencies in the community, and create and foster effective, lasting relationships with community and business partners/vendors.


  1. Fundraising
  • Work closely with the Board on overall direction, strategy, goals, and support for development.
  • Oversee fundraising/development and public awareness activities.
  • Assume accountability for securing resources needed to support the organization’s mission

and strategic plan through grant writing, annual campaigns, events, sponsorships, and donor

cultivation and stewardship.

  • Identify and personally cultivate, solicit, and acknowledge donors and funding sources.


Education, Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The requirements listed below are representative of the education/experience, job knowledge, skills,

and/or abilities required, with or without accommodation, to satisfactorily perform the job requirements.


Qualifications, Education & Experience Requirements

At least 21 years of age; Social Security Number; High School Diploma or Equivalent; Bachelor’s Degree or Four Years Paid Experience as DD Program/Services Supervisor; Read/Write English Proficiency; Minimum 1 Year Full-Time Paid Experience in Services to Individuals with DD, to include responsibility for personnel, supervision, program services, and financial management. Must be eligible for DODD certification necessary to the Executive Director/CEO position and able to ensure continued agency DODD certification and to perform all essential job duties satisfactorily.

Salary and Benefits:

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits.  EOE


Performance Evaluation:

This position will be reviewed on an annual basis by the board of Directors.







Angeline Industries, Inc. Executive Director Signature/Date




Angeline Industries, Inc. Board President Signature/Date




Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Angeline Industries, Inc.Todd Dilley11028 County Highway 44
Upper Sandusky, OH 43351
Personal Contact:
Angeline Industries, Inc.Todd Dilley11028 County Highway 44
Upper Sandusky, OH 43351

Job Requirements

Qualifications, Education & Experience Preferred

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university.
  • Five years of progressive experience working with individuals with developmentaldisabilities, with at least three years training and supervising administrative, managerial anddirect support professionals.
  • Management experience, preferably in a non-profitorganization, with responsibilities for fiscal controls/records, human resourcesmanagement, business operations, and fundraising activities.
  • Experience working in the Ohio disability services environment strongly preferred, with

knowledge of home and community-based Medicaid waiver services.



  • Effective leadership traits, abilities and experience.
  • Internal and external business andfundraising relationship building.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and team building proficiency; research and

report writing, business-related social interaction and networking expertise.

  • Excellent time management and problem-solving skills. Ability to effectively and efficiently utilizetime, equipment and materials, a strong sense of job responsibility and self-motivation as wellas consistent ability to effectively and early detect and resolve problem areas and situations.
  • Proficient level knowledge of networks, computers and software utilized for job duties and


  • Good understanding of human service governmental agency compliance requirements for

providing services to individuals with disabilities, including OSHA, DODD andMedicaid.

  • Ability and willingness to accommodate AI, Inc.’s business need for travel to/from

business events; e.g., fundraising, networking, association events, Boardevents, etc.

  • Effective staff and facilities management knowledge and experience.
  • Maintain valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record.
  • Ability to satisfactorily pass required criminal background checks.
  • Ability to pass required drug/alcohol screenings.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain required professional credentials (e.g., certifications).


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