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Executive Director – Full time

Job Description Autumnwood Care Center & Tiffin Rehab Center is looking for an Executive Director to join our team in Tiffin,...

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Tiffin, Ohio

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Job Description

Job Description

Autumnwood Care Center & Tiffin Rehab Center is looking for an Executive Director to join our team in Tiffin, OH! The Executive Director will work both locations.

Objective: The role of the Executive Director requires a combination of organizational leadership and operational talent as well as strategic expertise. The Executive Director provides the management expertise for achieving the goals and objectives of the program in accordance with the mission of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the Senior Vice President of Operations or Regional Director of Operations. Reporting to the Executive Director are various department supervisors and staff. In addition to managing the internal operations of the program, the Executive Director must also be aware of conditions, events and issues that affect the community in which the program operates.

Core Responsibilities:

1. Planning

The Executive Director engages in a planning process for the program that determines its goals and objectives in relationship to changes in the environment and the needs of its community, establishes priorities, frames the most appropriate organizational structure to achieve its goals and objectives, and provides benchmarks for evaluating the achievement of its goals and objectives. The results of the planning process should be reflected in a business plan, developed by the Executive Director.

The Executive Director should ensure that the business plan is based on an assessment that reflects an adequate database on the needs of the community, an evaluation of trends, legislative activity, and documentation of demographics, utilization and financial trends. This assessment should be linked with an ongoing assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the program’s services in relation to those of other providers and to the needs of the community.

The business plan is supported by an effective public relations program, developed by the Executive Director that builds community understanding and support of the program and services and those of the national organization.

2. Organization

The Executive Director should create and monitor the organizational structure of the program to ensure its effectiveness and responsiveness to those being served. The nature of the structure is dynamic and flexible, responsive to needs of the participants.

The Executive Director should develop an organizational plan that clearly assigns responsibilities for the program’s services to functional departments and to individuals. The Executive Director should develop, recommend and implement a plan for continuity that ensures ongoing stability of the program. Such a plan should include performance standards that are stated in terms of continuous improvement targets, opportunities for internal and external development, and a system for evaluating the performance levels of all employees, consultants and other service providers.

3. Operations (Management)

The amount of time that can be allocated to essential activities that call upon the visionary and strategic skills of the Executive Director is dependent upon the effectiveness of the day-to-day operations of the program. The Executive Director must create, sustain and evaluate on an ongoing basis an infrastructure of people who take overall responsibility for implementing the program’s service strategy and for initiating corrections that keep the strategy on course.

The infrastructure should be supported by the organization’s general policies and guidelines, and by program-specific systems and processes that are customer-responsive, efficient and continually improved by collecting and analyzing relevant data. These systems and processes must include mechanisms that ensure compliance with the regulations, standards and criteria of various he

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