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Food Service Manager

Food Service Manager in Bettsville The Food Service Manager is responsible for the Food Service category for their assigned C-Store. Responsibilities include maintaining...

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Bettsville, Ohio

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Job Description

Food Service Manager in Bettsville

The Food Service Manager is responsible for the Food Service category for their assigned C-Store. Responsibilities include maintaining profitability of all food service offerings, providing excellent customer service, ensuring food safety, training all other employees on how to make and sell all food service offerings, local store marketing, product sampling, keeping the food service area and equipment clean and orderly, ordering product, logging invoices and maintaining the Food service Sheet, tracking waste, as well as assisting store employees with daily tasks. These functions include coffee and other dispensed beverages and resale “food service” items in addition to prepared food items.

The hours for the Food Service Manager will generally be between 35 and 40 hours. These hours will be broken into many different shifts so that the Food Service Manager may review business activities during all day parts.

With the variability of customer traffic and overall food service responsibilities, the Food Service Manager must be fully trained and may be required to perform the functions of the Retail Sales Associate position. The degree to which these duties will be a routine part of the Food Service Manager’s job activities will be dependent on customer traffic, store layout and other considerations and such responsibilities will be scheduled by the Store Manager.

Food Service Managers report to the Store Manager and Food Service District Manager.



  • Work with the DM-Food Service to develop and implement menu items for the food service operations. Understand food preparation, packaging, display and other requirements for all menu items. Work with the Store Manager and the DM-Food Service to understand local markets and assure that the menu offering meets local market needs.
  • Work hands-on in food service operations cooking and otherwise preparing food service products. Understand store traffic and busy periods for food service and assure sufficient supplies of prepared food products to meet demand. Monitor inventory and minimize inventory near closing to limit waste per company policy.
  • Supervise the food service tasks of the Food Service Deli Associate and always assure a consistent high level of quality.
  • Sample products for testing by management. Work with the DM-Food Service to perform test kitchen functions and provide ideas and perspective on new products to DM-Food Service.
  • Work directly with vendors to understand food product and ingredient needs and place orders with vendors as required, per company policy. Understand food perish ability and assure maintenance of adequate but limited inventory.
  • Complete all required reports and accounting records associated with Food Service operations, process invoices, track and report waste, compile menu costs and otherwise work with the DM Food Service to maintain operation records and reports.
  • Assure consistent high level merchandising of food service products and facilities. Assure that all product promotions are updated and presented via internal and external signage and POS display. Maintain vendor product signs and displays. Update exterior promotional signs, banners and other display/marketing materials. Maintain inventory, assure products are cycled to assure freshness and limit waste.
  • Evaluate the food service staffing schedule for the upcoming several weeks. Understand vacation schedules and other issues impacting employee availability. Work with the SM to prepare weekly food service staffing schedule, assuring store open hour coverage for prime sales hours and slow periods, focused on staffing to store staffing standards and minimizing overtime.
  • Work with the SM to assure consistent compliance of food service personnel with all company policies and procedures. Consult with the SM in the routine employee performance reviews for food service staff per company policy. Work with food service employees to document performance issues and by maintaining an ongoing training process. Assure that all such documentation is forwarded to Human Resources to maintain accurate and up to date employee files.
  • Encourage, assist, and train employees to become a motivated sales force. Train and develop food service staff in all aspects of food service operations including food preparation and presentation, inventory control, customer service and suggestive selling.
  • Comply with and enforce all safety, security, environmental regulations, emergency operation procedures, company policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Regularly evaluate physical performance and appearance of all food service/food service facilities. Set schedule with staff for routine cleaning, housekeeping and light maintenance. Identify repair and maintenance issues per personal observation, mystery shopper evaluation, and/or direction from District Managers. Work with the SM and service and repair personnel per work order system to schedule necessary repairs. Assure facility is always maintained in a clean, orderly and presentable manner, per company policy and per state and local food service regulations.
  • The Food Service Manager is a hands-on position and will involve preparing food items, serving customers, operating registers, selling retail products, stocking inventory, cleaning facilities, and otherwise performing any and all store related functions that are required. THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST, therefore, food service functions must be managed to assure retail customers do not go unattended.

Performance Evaluation

The effectiveness of the Food Service Manager position will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The completion of an annual Employee Performance Review by the Store Manager in consultation with the District Manager – Food Service
  • Sales performance of assigned food service operations
  • Margin performance of assigned food service operations
  • Labor/Payroll control of assigned food service operations
  • Maintenance of a high performing, motivated and efficient food service staff
  • Maintenance of a high level of customer service for the assigned food service operations
  • Expense control of assigned food service operations
  • Inventory accuracy, stocking levels/turns and limited inventory waste of assigned food service operations
  • Ratings of assigned store via Mystery Shopper and other independent store evaluation programs.
  • Performance results of Store Audits of assigned store.

To Apply

Job Requirements

Skills and Competencies:

  • Ability to develop and motivate food service employees, build relationships, and utilize skills of workforce most appropriately.
  • Ability to merchandise and manage food service operations effectively.
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service.
  • Ability to maintain a fair, consistent set of standards as they apply to work force.
  • Ability to adjust priorities and manage time effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to maintain records and documentation pertaining to work force.
  • Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, understandable manner, and listen attentively, comprehend material, and provide instruction to all employees.
  • Strong administrative, analytical and interpersonal skills


  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • 1 year of experience in food service, restaurant, or at the C-Store of QSR level.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Achieving ServSafe Certification within 3 months of hire/promotion.

Physical Demands and Environmental Condition Requirements

Occasional:Walking, sitting, lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs., pushing and pulling, climbing, stooping, forward bending, squatting, reaching, use of fingers, exposure to hot and cold temperatures, weather, atmospheric conditions, and explosion hazard.

Frequent: Standing, use of hands, talking, hearing, seeing.


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