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Full Time Toddler Teacher/Part Time Toddler Teacher and Part Time Preschool Teacher

2 Full Time Toddler Teachers and 1 Full Time Preschool Teacher Apply at 12 MONTH TEACHER JOB DESCRIPTION SUMMARY...

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Job Description

2 Full Time Toddler Teachers and 1 Full Time Preschool Teacher

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Responsible for direction and overall supervision of a group of children. Performs activities that ensure the safety, involvement, and creativity of each individual in the group. Works with team teachers to plan, discuss and implement daily plans in accordance with the current curriculum while incorporating the Ohio Early Learning Education Standards.


Work with teaching team to prepare and implement daily plans and care in accordance with Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Step Up to Quality Regulations, the center’s current curriculum and Ohio Early Learning Education Standards. Understand and apply the center’s mission statement. Assist in implementation and planning of the center events.

¨ Ensure the health and safety of the group at all times, while promoting a feeling of trust and security in the program.

¨ Work with teaching team to collect appropriate anecdotal notes and assess the progress of each child in the group.

¨ Research current trends in child development/education and put into practice in the classroom as appropriate within curriculum and best practices.

 ¨ Work in cooperation with teaching team members to assure the individual needs of each child is met as the situation demands.

  1. Meets the physical and emotional needs of each child.
  2. Satisfies the developmental needs of each child through child/adult interactions and planned activities.
  3. Ensure that the classroom is prepared before children arrive, cleaned at end of each shift and watch carefully for safety hazards throughout the day. Keep classroom and hallway looking fresh and inviting.
  4. Greets each child, parent, and guest warmly and enthusiastically daily.

¨ Arrange the learning environment in a manner that promotes safety and learning in a cheerful environment. Assist with classroom schedule and arrangement consistent with ECERS (Environment Rating Scales).

¨ Conduct parent conferences on each child’s development.

¨ Assure all required classroom documentation and record keeping is completed in a timely manner (i.e. daily lesson plans, weekly lesson plans, required formal and informal assessments, parent/teacher conference forms, daily attendance, environmental screening, child screening forms, newsletters, professional development plans).

¨ Attend general staff meetings, teacher planning meetings and assist in setting the goals for the center.


Job Requirements


A Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree or CDA in Early Childhood Education / Child Development. Must attend continuing training classes designed to broaden professionalism, education and skill involving child care and child development as required by Federal and State regulations and administration.

PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS: The teacher must possess personal attributes needed to develop trusting relationships with children and adults. It is important to be friendly, inviting, self-motivated, even-tempered, and adaptable. Personal attributes include the following:

¨ Professional in appearance, attitude and ability.

¨ Respect confidentiality of each child and his/her family.

¨ Treat children, parents and staff members with dignity and respect.

¨ Develop a sense of teamwork with co-workers in all activities, including housekeeping, diapering/ toilet training and meal service as well as lesson preparation and record keeping. Work cooperatively with other staff and to accept supervision to help promote a positive environment.

¨ Practice good communication skills and exhibit a warm nurturing attitude.  


¨ Knowledge and experience working with young children and of the basics of child development. Ability to perform physical demands such as lifting and carry children and equipment, while also sitting on the floor or child sized furniture.

¨ Knowledge of activities appropriate to age group. Ability to be flexible with daily routines and schedules to capture “nurturing and teachable moments”.

¨ Knowledge of safety issues, communicable disease management/control/prevention and basic first aid.

¨ Skills in patience and remaining calm under pressure. Ability to move and react quickly to handle emergencies effectively.

¨ Skills in time management and organization.

¨ Skills in parent communication.

¨ Ability to supervise assistants, gives instructions and delegate duties in a professional manner.

¨ Acquire knowledge of the current curriculum and implement the curriculum and best practices in the classroom


*Work with center director to be in compliance of all state licensing rules and Step Up to Quality requirements.

*Complete all state required paperwork and background checks.

*Complete annually all professional development training hours.

*Complete all required CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse and Neglect Training.

*Remain in teacher/child ratio at all times.

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