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HIS – Health Information Integrity Specialist II – 40 hrs/wk

PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION The primary purpose of this position is to support the integrity of the electronic health record (EHR)...

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Findlay, Ohio

Hancock County


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Job Description


The primary purpose of this position is to support the integrity of the electronic health record (EHR) by ensuring the record is complete, accurate, and that health information is available timely to support clinical care, expedite coding and billing and healthcare operations.


HIIS II associates may have varying responsibilities depending on operational needs with the objective to cross train in multiple or all functions to the extent possible and determined necessary.

Duty 1: Knowledgeable and proficient in job functions within the Health Information Integrity section in order to provide coverage, as needed and provide support on special projects, as assigned. This includes the ability to scan/index documents, analyze medical record to identify and record all deficiencies present. Knowledgeable of inpatient and outpatient medical record analysis policies and procedures. Participates in committees, task forces, and/or projects as assigned.

Duty 2: Supports the medical staff suspension process, under the direction of the HIS leadership. This includes monitoring incomplete/delinquent medical records, sending physician letters, physician phone calls, tracking the process and implementing physician suspension when necessary. Provides assistance to maintain the cross-coverage agreement signature process.

Duty 3: Possesses a general knowledge of the Electronic Health Record to support and provide general assistance to Medical Staff providers in response to inquiries related to completion of health record deficiencies, queries, location of documents within the EHR, etc. Collaborates with others as necessary to address additional system needs of provider.

Duty 4: Acts as a catalyst to assist in resolving outstanding documentation issues to support and expedite record completion for account coding and finalization. This includes collaborating with the coding team and communicating with departments, providers, and external entities requiring additional documentation.

Duty 5: Compiles/runs report to support HIS operations, including DNFC, DNFB, outstanding coding reports, listing of pended encounters, deficiencies, etc. as needed. Assists in identifying trends that offer an opportunity to improve efficiencies in processes.

Duty 6: Monitors and manages assigned HIM-related work queues/work lists/pools within the EHR, including but not limited to the Refused Orders/Documents queue, the carbon copy (CC) HIM user group, Inbound Transition of Care Pool, etc.

Duty 7: Acts as the liaison between transcription service third-party vendor and BVHS. Possesses a thorough understanding of the transcription system (including running reports) and workflows in order to assist in resolution of related issues. Monitor and maintain the suspended dispatch queue. Troubleshoots issues and communicates with providers, departments, offices, IT and vendor to resolve the identified issues. Accurately transcribes/edits dictated reports through Powerscribe/RadNet systems as needed.

Duty 8: Designs forms, builds/maintains structure, and assists training the end-users in Forms Fast application. Works collaboratively with clinical areas, the print shop, and IT Forms Fast/Imprint representative. Lends support to Forms Committee as required.

Duty 9: Resolves issues related to Master Patient Index (MPI) by accurately correcting identified issues, such as duplicate medical record numbers or incorrect encounters assigned to a MRN, or assist with canceling encounters to support the integrity of the EHR.

Duty 10: Fulfills Superuser role including any required testingApply here:

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