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Mechanic II-Remote Locations

PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION The purpose of a Mechanic II is to perform a variety of duties in and around...

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Findlay, Ohio

Hancock County


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Job Description


The purpose of a Mechanic II is to perform a variety of duties in and around the Health System facilities and properties to operate, maintain, and repair equipment and physical structures under the direction of the Supervisor of Facility Services or his designee.


Duty 1: Responsible for the maintenance activities at all Remote BVHS locations / facilities. Remote locations are both Commercial and Residential. Excluding Findlay and Bluffton hospitals, there are approximately 30 locations to be maintained. This includes leased locations where BVHS has maintenance responsibilities.

Duty 2: In conjunction with Supervisor and/or Manager of Facility Services, coordinates with internal resources (HVAC Technicians, Electricians, and Fire Safety Specialist) along with Contractors to fulfill repairs, as needed, based on skillset and scope of work.

Duty 3: Performs plumbing duties as required: 1) Performs troubleshooting to diagnose potential problems and makes necessary repairs to pumps, couplings, seals, valves, piping, steam traps and related equipment. 2) Performs pipefitting such as cutting and threading, solder and brazing, use of manual threading machine and assorted gas torches. 3) Performs installation and layout of various plumbing systems, steam, water, gas and oil. 4) Demonstrates initiative with keeping updated and informed on new systems and equipment.

Duty 4: Performs electrical duties as required: 1) Troubleshoots, repairs, maintains and installs electronic, electrical circuits and related equipment. 2) Performs installation and repairs on electrical circuits of 12V to 277V AC/DC. 3) Performs installation and repairs to electrical control circuitry on machinery and mechanical systems. 4) Performs general troubleshooting and repairs on nurse call system. 5) Shares knowledge and changes made to electrical systems with others. 6) Ability to use electrical testing and measuring equipment. 7) Maintains a good understanding of the electrical distribution system and locations of disconnects and shut-offs for areas served. 8) Maintains safety by following Energy Control Procedures and Arc Flash guidelines. 9) Understands emergency power distribution and generator monthly load tests.

Duty 5: Performs mechanical duties as required: 1) Repairs and maintains machinery and mechanical equipment. 2) Performs troubleshooting and repairs to machinery and mechanical equipment such as bearings, motors, pumps, seals, couplings and related equipment. 3) Ability to install, set-up, calibrate, program controls and process within the building automated system. 4) Performs preventative maintenance on schedule to prevent potential problems. 5) Understands the lay-out and distribution of mechanical systems such as air handlers, medical gases, pneumatic system, chillers, boilers, heating water, cooling water and minor refrigeration.

Duty 6: Maintains communication systems as required: 1) Performs troubleshooting, repairs to nurse call systems and related devices, televisions, paging system and fire alarm systems and devices.

Duty 7: Assesses and maintains architectural structure of the facilities. Ensures exterior building issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

Duty 8: Ensures a safe and comfortable environment for patient, staff and visitors. 1) Demonstrates geographic knowledge and locations of system shut-offs throughout the hospital in the event of an emergency. 2) Changes faulty lights, ballasts, outlets and switches promptly to ensure a safe environment. 3) Performs inspection tours as scheduled with the ability to foresee and notice abnormalities in the operation of mechanical equipment. 4) Participate 

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