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Operations Coordinator/Manager

The Tiffin Seneca Economic Partnership is seeking to hire an Operations Coordinator/Manager. 1. How to Apply & Questions Resumes and cover letters will be...

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Tiffin, Ohio

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Job Description

The Tiffin Seneca Economic Partnership is seeking to hire an Operations Coordinator/Manager.

1. How to Apply & Questions
Resumes and cover letters will be accepted only by email to [email protected] until 5:00 p.m. EST on June 14, 2021. If there are any questions regarding this position, please email them to [email protected].

2. Basic Information
Title: Operations Manager or Coordinator, depending on qualifications and experience. For the rest of this document, it will be referred to as Operations Manager.
Hours Per Week: 40 (full-time), although there will be times when work is required outside the standard 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. business hours. In such cases, flexible hours and/or comp time may be given. This is a salaried (not hourly) position.
Salary: $33,000-$40,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience
Benefits: Flexible schedule, paid time off and 9 paid holidays per year (including one flexible day), health insurance (60% paid by employer), retirement match after one year (up to 3 percent), paid time off, professional development, cell phone and other business-related expense reimbursement, performance bonus, company-provided laptop, individual office, and more.
Reports To: President & CEO
Assists: All Team Members
Begins Work: July 1, 2021, or as soon as possible thereafter.
Location: In the heart of downtown Tiffin the restored historic Grummel-Remmele building built in 1881. 96 S. Washington St., Tiffin, OH 44883. Position has private office.

3. Nature of Position
Since 2014, TSEP has more than tripled the number of development initiatives (135) and active volunteers (140); and it has more than doubled its public contracts, private financial support, and members. The organization has grown to encompass five external facing leaders, each responsible for one or more development area, and it is currently operating
with no dedicated administrative support. The membership and board have determined that keeping both the quantity and quality of activities pursued by the organization is a priority, and to maintain the pace and volume of work sustainably, TSEP needs to add a talented Operations Manager to manage internal operations and support the team and their many important activities, projects, initiatives, and committees.
Please note that the organization does not require a candidate to have direct experience, formal education, or current proficiency in each of the following areas of responsibility, but it does want someone with skills to “hit the ground running,” so to speak, along with a strong desire and ability to learn and learn quickly. Quality experience is a huge help in succeeding in this challenging position, but given that in most cases people come to work for economic development organizations from other backgrounds, we encourage people to apply if they think they have the combination of temperament, interest, desire, work ethic, intelligence, organizational and communication skills needed, regardless of their origin or how long they have been used. As a small organization, there are no formal training programs or manuals,
so TSEP is looking for someone who is willing and able to independently research, ask questions, and successfully develop relationships internally and externally to obtain and apply the information to support the organization, the team, and the job. In other words, this is a job for someone to “grow” into.

4. Primary Responsibilities: The Operations Manager will have a variety of critical internal duties to perform that are currently being handled by the
existing team.
4.1 Office Administration
• Financial Administration: This is one of the primary responsibilities of the Operations Manager. They will be responsible for managing the various financial tasks for the organization, including invoices, bill payment and expense management, accounts (pledge) receivable management, budget tracking, financial reporting, expense reimbursement, and working with the team, Finance Committee, and accountant on any financial tasks assigned.
• Customer & Stakeholder Interaction: The Operations Manager will be responsible communicating with customers and stakeholder on a variety of issues involving a lot of phone, email, virtual, and face-to-face communication and interaction, including answering the organization’s phone, receiving guests, handling the mail, providing basic information and service requests, making referrals to the team, and other duties as assigned.
• Records & Supplies Management: In addition to financial administration and customer service responsibilities, the Operations Manager will also be responsible for organizational records retention and file management, office and kitchen supplies and equipment, and other duties as assigned.
• Property Administration: TSEP currently owns one building with tenants. The Operations Manager will be responsible for managing any ongoing maintenance and needed repairs, as well as working with our property management firm and/or direct tenant management, and/or any other duties as assigned.
• Intern Management: The Operations Manager will work with any interns working at TSEP, coordinating their schedules, assisting with any needed paperwork for the universities, assigning work and overseeing its completeness.
• Other Duties as Assigned
4.2 Team Support
• Meeting Scheduling & Support: this is another key support activity. Committee, board, group, and one-on-one meetings—both virtual and in-person—are one of the primary ways TSEP gets things done. We currently have 17 active committees meeting monthly or bi-monthly, not including subcommittees. Critical to our continuedsuccess is the ability of the Operations Manager to successfully schedule a large number of meetings per month
(including initiating invitations by email and phone as needed); coordinating the creation and distribution of the agenda, minutes, and any other documents before the meeting; taking care of any meeting logistics (Zoom and/or room reservation and preparation); and assisting the team and/or volunteers (chairs, vice chairs) with any other meeting support.
• Event Management & Support: In addition to meetings, TSEP regularly hosts several events and webinars, including biannual Member Briefings, the Annual Meeting, the Downtown Celebration & Summit, Holiday Gathering, St. Paddy’s Day 5K fundraiser, program updates, and others. The Operations Manager will—in conjunction with and at the direction of the team—take the lead on all event management and logistics, including securing and working with the venue, awards, videos, invitations, RSVP and payment management,
event promotion, tech support, and any other details related to the event.
• Program Administration: TSEP administers and manages several grant, tax credit, port authority, and other programs designed to stimulate economic, downtown and/or community development. The Operations Manager will have a variety of duties to perform in this area, supporting the rest of the team with the programs they manage, including but not limited to application processing and quality control; customer service (handling/managing questions and inquiries); file management and records retention; reporting; assistance with
approval, contracts, and fund disbursement; as well as other duties as assigned.
• Data Management & Reporting: TSEP uses as its Customer Relationship Management system to manage its projects, initiatives, contacts, organizations, and other key information. The Operations Manager will
be responsible for learning how to use Salesforce, entering data, designing and producing dashboards and reports, as well as assisting team members in obtaining information needed for our work and entering it into Salesforce. Microsoft Word and Excel knowledge is needed for this function as well.
• Communications Support: The Operations Manager will be responsible for website updates, provide social media support, and assistance with other internal and external communications, as needed or requested by the team.
• Research & Survey Work: The Operations Manager will do research including external surveys, write reports and summaries of that research, as needed and requested by the team.
• Other Duties as Assigned

Job Requirements

5. Required Attributes & Skills: The following are required attributes and skills for the position:
• Values & Culture: Must embrace our organizational values of collaboration, innovation, excellence, fairness, and inclusion. Those are not just empty words here – we live and breathe them daily. In addition, the Operations Manager must fit in with our team and its unique culture. TSEP is a high energy, high profile, high impact, and high stress environment that is not for everyone. It has a strong and valued culture of positivity, ambition, initiative, vision, strategy, confidentiality, transparency, mutual respect, support, openness, very hard work, personal connection and collaboration with other team members.
• Back Office Role: The ideal candidate must embrace, enjoy, and play well the role of supporting the team and organization, as opposed to being out in front, interfacing with customers. The candidate will be working independently and simultaneously very heavily with the team and will function as a linchpin (person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization).
• Ambassador: Given the high-profile nature of our work, the nonprofit fundraising required and public contracts, and our leadership of many important community initiatives, programs, and projects, the Operations Manager, like all members of the TSEP team, will understand they represent both the organization and the community both on and off the clock – in person and digitally.
• Digital Technology: The Operations Manager will be expected to be digital tech savvy, with a strong proficiency in and enjoyment working with Microsoft Office suite products (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Zoom, and Gmail. They will also have the ability to learn and use new software and online software-as-a-service products, including (but not limited to) Dropbox,, WordPress, ConstantContact, Social Media platforms
(Facebook pages, LinkedIn corporate pages, Twitter, YouTube etc.) for business, Zoom Webinar, SurveyMonkey, Adobe Creative Cloud products (Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign), SoundCloud, Camtasia Studio, Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive), Canva, and others.
• Interpersonal & Communication Skills: While the position is a back-office role, there will be significant written and verbal interaction and communication with members and stakeholders. Accordingly, the ideal candidate must also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and enjoy that.
• Organizational & Multi-Tasking Skills: The Operations Manager must be highly organized and able to continually manage a large number of tasks, priorities, projects, emails, calls, frequent interruptions, and deadlines that can change and have different degrees of firmness.
• Flexibility & Change Management: The Operations Manager must be able to thrive in a flexible, constantly changing, often ambiguous environment that requires open-mindedness, adaptation, and the acceptance and embrace of change.
• Successful Track Record: Whatever the past career or experience of the candidate, we are seeking people have a demonstrated track record of success and measurable results.
• Informal & Formal Professional Development: The Operations Manager will be full member of the team and will need to invest time into participating and understanding many of the development activities the team performs to effectively assist. This also includes participating in formal development courses and conferences, such as Leadership Seneca County, the Ohio Economic Development Association Basic Course and others, as
appropriate. All professional development will be paid for by the organization.
• Driver’s License and Travel: Must have a valid driver’s license. Moderate travel and reimbursement by the organization is an expectation of the position.
• Formal Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

6. Additional Preferences: The following additional attributes and skills are welcome, desired and preferred (but not required):
• Formal Education: Tiffin is an “Education City,” and one of only five smaller communities in the country with two private universities. TSEP believes formal education can expand and train the mind and is very valuable for preparation in working with a nonprofit economic, community, and downtown development organization. A two-year, four-year, or master’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.
• Local Connection & Residency: We would value someone who, in addition to all the requirements, also had local connections (grew up, worked, studied, has family, etc.) and who would live in Tiffin or rural Seneca County within a reasonable time frame.
• Office Administrative Experience: We would value someone who has experience in doing the kind of work we are proposing here. It is not a requirement, but, of course, it is highly desirable as it significantly reduces the learning curve and provides a broad base of experience from which to draw in making improvements to how our operations run.
• Non-Profit and/or Public Sector Experience: Non-profit and public-sector work share the primary common goal of serving the community and the greater good through programs, products, and services, while simultaneously being accountable and serving supporters, stakeholders, and funders who are not the customers directly benefitting from the services. Previous experience in working in non-profits, working in or with the public sector is desirable.
• Volunteer Experience: Although we do non-profit work that improves the community as our “day” (and sometimes “night”) job, each of the team members has additionally volunteered or is volunteering in various ways on other projects and causes we value. If someone brings this kind of personal history to the table, it is a plus on multiple levels.
• Economic, Downtown, and/or Community Development Experience: Any direct or indirect experience in any of our development practice areas would be very helpful to the Operations Manager; accelerate their learning, integration into the team, and ability to effectively perform the job duties in addition to providing the candidate direct experience in knowing whether or not they like the kind of work we do.
• Diversity: Each of our team members brings unique, interesting, and different professional and personal backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities to the organization, the team, and the work. We believe a diverse team makes a stronger team, and we would welcome someone who increased the diversity of our team.

7. Other Items of Note
• Accommodations: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
• Equal Opportunity Statement: TSEP is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information, please email [email protected]

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