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Pharmacy Tech III – 24 hrs/wk.

PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION To assist the pharmacist in performing the routine daily activities of the pharmacy department. JOB DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITES Duty 1: Enters...

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Findlay, Ohio

Hancock County


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Job Description


To assist the pharmacist in performing the routine daily activities of the pharmacy department.


Duty 1: Enters and fills prescriptions timely and accurately. Files prescriptions according to legal requirements. Prepares billing statements/receipts for pharmacy purchases. Answers pharmacy window and phones; triages phone calls for pharmacist.

Duty 2: Performs pharmacy billing functions, department and patient specific. Fills and delivers floor stock items/narcotics timely and as appropriate. Replenishes crash cart items

Duty 3: Fills physician orders both manually and utilizing the robot. Understands the basic dispensing properties of the robot. Delivers medications to the nursing units and picks up new physician orders. Retrieves orders received via the tube or fax. Double checks the technical aspects of medication order entry. Assists pharmacists in maintaining consistent work flow. Prepacks medications as needed.

Duty 4: Is competent is all aspects of IV preparation. Maintains a clean work environment and ensures sterility at all times. Is competent on the safety requirements of admixing cytotoxic agents. Understands and is able to use the TPN compounder. Performs required Quality Assurance checks.

Duty 5: Maintains inventory control. Is able to use the computer software for ordering. Checks in the order accurately and notifies the pharmacy buyer or pharmacy operations manager of any discrepancies. Prevents running out of any medication or supply. Is conscious of overstock and understands the financial rationale behind a tight inventory.

Duty 6: Maintains the integrity and security of medications throughout the pharmacy and the hospital, by routinely checking for outdated products and for appropriateness of floor stock. Performs unit inspections every other month.

Duty 7: Maintains pharmacy certification by completing the necessary CEU’s required. Is willing to take on extra projects. Is involved in multidisciplinary committees within the hospital.

Duty 8: Supports fellow staff members. Maintains a positive attitude regardless of work flow. Follows through on problem resolution to the satisfaction of all involved. Promotes good relations between all pharmacy staff members. Maintains a professional attitude when dealing with other healthcare professionals, patients, etc. Always provides upward support of leadership within the organization.

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Job Requirements


* High school graduate with demonstrated Math/Science skills
* Completion of a pharmacy technician training program and registration with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy within 6 months of hire
* Ability to enter outpatient pharmacy prescriptions into the current computer system
* Ability to mix chemotherapy medications and IV products
* Ability to correctly bill for medications
* Typing and computer skills required
* Ability to perform short jobs and repetitive activities with accuracy
* Ability to lift up to 35 pounds, push, pull, climb, stoop, kneel, stand and walk a moderate amount. Some exposure to heat, cold, bodily injury and toxic substances. Visual acuity required
* Positive service-oriented interpersonal and communication skills required.
* This position is classified “at risk” for possible occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens (HBV, HIV, etc.)

* 2 years of experience as a pharmacy technician preferred

This position requires a full range of body motion with intermittent walking, lifting, bending, climbing, squatting, kneeling, twisting, sitting and standing. The associate must be able to stand for five hours, walk for two hours and sit for one hour per day.

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