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Transcription Secretary – 20 hrs/wk, 1st shift

PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION The purpose of a Transcription Secretary is to transcribe anatomic pathology medical reports on diagnostic work-ups,...

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Findlay, Ohio

Hancock County


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Job Description


The purpose of a Transcription Secretary is to transcribe anatomic pathology medical reports on diagnostic work-ups, therapeutic procedures, and clinical resumes for inclusion in medical records and for transmission to physicians or other medical facilities. Assists in the creation of policies and procedures for the anatomic pathology section of the laboratory. Handles pathology communications, including emails and phone calls. Maintains files of general correspondence. Coordinates anatomic pathology specimens for sending out to reference labs as well as enters charges for pathology and cytology laboratory specimens. Assists the pathologists as necessary.


Duty 1: Adequately operates transcribing machines. Accurately types from dictation and hand written material. Uses proper spacing on all reports or documents so as to present a professional looking finished product. Uses forms of different styles and with different numbers of copies. Correctly uses word processing software.

Duty 2: Properly dispatches reports for signing and insures that all copies are distributed to proper ordering physician location, transmits all requested fax results while monitoring incomplete faxes, call results when requested. Properly disperses mail. Ensures that all reports are typed and dispersed in a timely fashion, regardless of number. Correctly processes pathology reference specimens and reports.

Duty 3: Works at a suitable pace with a minimum of errors. Makes good decisions regarding importance of various work projects. Uses systematic approach to all areas of work. Is well organized. Cheerfully and competently takes on laboratory typing. Properly fills in various quality control records in their area to document good patient care by timely reporting

Duty 4: Uses customer’s name and smiles when communicating. Is timely in response to customers’ needs. Communication reflects BVHA script, (please refer to winning phrases in the handbook) and culture of Service Excellence. Practices effective communication skills, i.e. listening, phone skills, etc. and maintains a respectful and courteous attitude on the phone. Shows proper behavior while working with patients, especially outpatients when obtaining necessary information about lab testing. Is friendly and courteous to other professions from physicians to nursing personnel as well as within the laboratory. Is cooperative and will to help other lab staff whenever necessary.

Duty 5: Performance reflects relationship to BVHA mission and values. Maintains clean, neat, professional appearance, i.e. wears ID badge, and complies with department dress code. Takes proper care of hair and makeup when applicable to present a pleasant appearance.

Duty 6: Shows good judgment in handling phone questions directing them to the proper department or finding answers themselves. Makes good decisions regarding directing pathology or lab requests to proper person and when transferring call, asks permission to leave the call to voice mail if there is no answer. Can determine when a lab test result may be overdue and will make proper queries to determine the reason. Sees that pathology department has necessary supplies. Makes proper use of suggestions and constructive criticisms made by others.

Duty 7: Regularly demonstrates thorough knowledge of current job duties. Keeps aware of changes in technology of area. Stays familiar with up-to-date equipment. Attends in-services which apply to the job and is active in laboratory meetings. Is able to maintain organization in a confusing area. Is able to plan the day to insure effective reporting of results. Prioritizes correctly to ensure the quickest response times for the most imp 

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